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Originalo kalbos žodis: soccer mom

Originalo kalbos žodžio reikšmė, pavyzdžiai, kontekstas:
"soccer mom... refers broadly to a demographic group of women with school-age children. In general, the term ... is associated with modern material conveniences such as the SUV and cell phone. A soccer mom is typically imagined as upper middle class, probably college-educated, most often suburban or exurban, and typically white. The "soccer mom" typically indicates a single income family, where the husband works while the wife is a homemaker."

Siūlomas vertimas: supermama; mamytė-bitė; veikli mamytė; mamulė rūpintojėlė

Pastabos (pavyzdžių šaltiniai):
soccer mom Origin: 1996 In the presidential election of 1996, the political strategists for Bill Clinton and Bob Dole discovered a newly significant voter to whom they hastened to pay their respects. They called her the soccer mom. They and the American electorate were informed about the hard-working upscale young woman of the 1980s who had married, started a family, and transformed herself into a hard-working upscale mother of the 1990s with a political agenda of her own. The soccer mom was portrayed as someone who managed her children's development as energetically as she had managed her yuppie career. She championed soccer as a sport for her children, not only for the fresh air and vigorous exercise but also for providing, in its American youth version, equal opportunity for both genders, all ages, and all athletic abilities, free of the Macho (1927) posturing of American professional sports. So she piled her kids, and her neighbors' kids, in her minivan and drove them to weekday soccer practice and weekend games. Though the soccer mom was affluent, she was said to have a liberal attitude toward government support of education and welfare, and to favor the charismatic and residually liberal Candidate Clinton. With her help, he won handily over traditional conservative Dole.

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